Haylo Patient Journey: Kay Osborne

Originally from the city, Kay has spent the better part of 20 years living in the Wheatbelt, doing a range of farm work, including running a tree nursery all while raising her two children.

Kay’s Denture Journey

During her first pregnancy Kay lost all of her teeth and has consequently had to have dentures ever since her twenties.

For all this time she’s had to deal with the stress of holding her dentures up in conversation, as well as the anxiety she had when eating food in public. Having to replace and repair her dentures multiple times, Kay was running out of patience.

Kay’s Haylo Experience

“It was great! They were quick, efficient, cooperative and obliging”.

When she enquired on the Haylo website Kay received a near instant reply from our team answering her query, followed by a phone call where she received more in depth answers to all of her questions.

During her consultations Kay said she was impressed with the way everyone at the practice communicated with her, from reception to the prosthetist performing the procedure.

“I loved the professionalism of everyone in the practice. The fact they weren’t ever judgmental was great”.

In particular it was the simplified, easy to understand explanations of the procedure that Kay enjoyed. She liked that the communication was “honest” about the way the dentures look, the colouring the shape and everything else.

Unlike other practices where there’s not much choice, if any, in the way of customising your dentures, Kay said she loved that with Haylo you have a say in the design of your teeth in a way that can be the right colour and fit for you.

If you’re like Kay and needed only one arch of dentures, then she said not to fear that the teeth won’t look the same. The colour customisation with Haylo means your new teeth can completely blend in with the old, giving the most natural look.

The Benefits She’s Seen So Far

“I can speak freer, faster, laugh better…My lifestyle is freer because of it”.

Kay says since her Haylo experience has made her socially more relaxed and not so self conscious while eating food in public.

Thinking about making the leap like Kay and getting some HAYLO dentures? If you want to take the next step in your denture journey then book your free consultation with our prosthetist today.

You will get a specialised appointment where you will meet our prosthetist, James, who will do a full assessment as well as answer all your questions and if you’re happy with your treatment plan you can commence on the same day.

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